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São Paulo
Rio de Janeiro
Porto Velho

     The practice is known for a confluence between handcrafted actuation, attentive to the particularities of the cases and specificities of its customers, and the use of swift and effective measures to solve the disputes.

   Our expertise includes preventive consulting, specialized and strategic litigation and management of negotiations, conciliations, primarily focusing on contracts, infrastructure, capital market, competition law, regulatory law, compliance, development and implementation of compliance policies, anti-corruption law, leniency agreements, public services (bidding, administrative contracts, concessions, permissions, public-private partnerships, and consortiums), rendering of accounts, misconduct lawsuits, civil public inquiries, and civil public lawsuits. 

   Regarding criminal law, the practice also counts on extensive experience with crimes in the economic, financial, environmental, public administration, and election spheres, as well as property fraud, always combining innovative techniques with proven legal mechanisms.

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