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Direito Penal


   One of the main areas of expertise of Mudrovitsch Advogados includes defense and counseling or clients in criminal cases, especially in the economic criminal law sphere.

   The excellent actuation of the practice in such field is recognized nationally and internationally for a its team of qualified attorneys with extensive experience, which values the use of modern legal techniques in combination with proven juridical mechanisms.

  The practice acts in the criminal law sphere of litigations and advisory, encompassing all proceedings and levels of jurisdiction, including negotiations with authorities.

  In addition, we offer specialized defense investigation services, internal investigation services, due diligence procedures, and development and application of compliance programs, especially by means of the combination with the corporate compliance and governance team.

   As the practice counts on a team that specializes in sanctioning public law, it also offers integrated consulting focusing on the mitigation of risks in several spheres of accountability.


  Mudrovitsch Advogados has important actuation in cases that involve constitutional law, either with advice in the legal representation of its clients and constitutionality control processes.

    In the litigation sphere, the practice counts on an experienced team that specializes in legal representation of legitimized subjects to propose direct unconstitutionality lawsuits, constitutionality declaration lawsuits, claims of noncompliance with fundamental precepts, and court injunction.

   In addition, the practice is known for defending the constitutional interests of its clients in public hearings and, by means of the figure of amicus curiae, in important discussions held in concentrated control of constitutionality cases.

Direito Constitucional


  Regarding real estate law, Mudrovitsch Advogados counts on extensive experience in advising national and international clients in property deals, which includes all sorts of rural and urban operations, involving the public and private sectors.

    In addition, the practice has expertise in dealing with landholding regularization involving land and surface occupation.

   Among the main works undertaken by the team regarding real estate law, we emphasize assistance in relevant real estate asset acquisition, disposal, construction, incorporation, and lease operations, as well as real estate development investment and financing projects.

Direito Imobiliário


   Mudrovitsch Advogados has been expanding its actuation in the competition sector, by representing its clients in several matters related to antitrust law.

   Regarding behavioral control, the practice counts on specialized and experienced professionals to assist its clients, either preventively by elaborating contracts and developing commercial practices and policies or defensively in disciplinary administrative proceedings instituted by Cade. In the latter case, the practice is known for defending unilateral conduct and cartels, as well as negotiation of agreements with the antitrust authority (leniency agreements and cease and desist terms.

   In addition, the competition law team has important actuation in controlling structures, providing extensive counseling for the organization of corporate transactions with antitrust impact. Regarding this matter, the team represents its clients in notification procedures and objection of summary and ordinary mergers.

   Finally, the attorneys of the practice are fully qualified to defend the interests of its clients in judicial proceedings, especially by means of working together with the specialized litigation team, which is experienced to act in competition law matters.

   The antitrust team also works in combination with the criminal and corporate compliance and governance teams, in order to contain the exposure of its clients in other accountability spheres and improve its governance practices and standards.

Direito Concorrencial

  In parallel to the relevant actuation in disciplinary proceedings, Mudrovitsch Advogados provides specialized consulting services to its clients for corporate governance and compliance matters.

   In this regard, the practice counts on a qualified multidisciplinary team that specializes in the development, implementation, and supervision of compliance programs aligned with the best national and international practices in several sectors of economy.

   In addition, we conduct internal investigations and audits, in order to prevent and, according to the case, promptly identify and solve possible irregularities in corporate processes, minimizing impacts and continuously improving the corporate governance of its clients.

   Together with the corporate team, the compliance team conducts audit and due diligence processes of M&A and financing projects, in order to confirm the corporate governance standards of potential investee companies.

Compliance e Governança Corporativa


  By means of a qualified and experienced team, Mudrovitsch Advogados offers extensive litigation and consulting services to incorporated companies and contracting parties of several sectors.

  In consulting actuation, the corporate team is ready to assist clients from the beginning of project structuring negotiations, including due diligences processes, elaboration of MOUs, and other preliminary contracts.

   In addition, the team has extensive experience in the development of negotiations and contract execution follow-up, assessment of corporate governance structures, and structuring and reorganization of companies.

  The practice also counts on expertise in the development of preventive solutions, which includes the elaboration of corporate plans and preventive solutions for possible conflicts between associates and/or corporations in the sphere of their respective businesses, including the search for alternative solutions to settle disputes.

   Regarding contentious representation of its clients, the practice offers consulting and representation services in corporate disputes, judicial proceedings, and arbitrations.

Direito Societário


       One of the main specialties of Mudrovitsch Advogados includes public law consulting services.

   The practice counts on a specialized team, with advisory actuation regarding business structuring and projects with the public sector, participation in auctions, and conclusion of specific contracts in several regulated sectors of economy, mainly the energy, transportation, telecommunications, and agribusiness.

   Regarding litigations, the public and regulatory law teams represent the clients in administrative, judicial, and arbitration matters that involve public law, at all levels of jurisdiction. In this front, we emphasize the management of administrative act control procedures and attribution of civil responsibility to the State, as well as defense in disciplinary proceedings instituted by Regulatory Agencies.

    In fact, the practice strongly defends its clients in disciplinary proceedings in general, by means of coordinated work with the criminal law team, in order to protect the interests of its clients in several spheres of accountability before the Public Power.

  In this regard, we emphasize the defense of disciplinary administrative proceedings before Courts of Auditors and regulatory agencies, including CGU, Coaf, and Cade. In addition, the team has extensive experience in representing its clients in judicial disciplinary proceedings, such as administrative improbity lawsuits
and those resulting from the Anti-corruption Law.

Direito Público e Regulatório


       Mudrovitsch Advogados counts on a team that specializes in civil litigation and consulting services, acting side-by-side with the other teams to develop strategies to prevent and solve civil litigations in general.

   The expertise of the team includes corporate disputes, elaboration and development of complex judicial contracts and businesses, mainly in the infrastructure, environment, and sanitation sectors, capital market, regulatory law, public services, bids, administrative contracts, concessions, permissions, public-private partnerships, and consortiums.

     In addition, the lawyers have extensive experience in leading civil judicial lawsuits, including those that involve civil accountability resulting from disciplinary proceedings, such as rendering of accounts and administrative improbity, and those with collective nature, mainly public civil lawsuits.

     Although the practice acts before several judicial bodies, the team is known for its actuation before higher courts, such as the Superior Court of Justice and the Supreme Court.

Contencios e Consultivo Cível Especializado


    The labor law team of Mudrovitsch Advogados provides extensive consulting and litigation services to its clients in matters related to labor and trade union matters.

    Regarding consulting services, we emphasize the guidance and assistance to formulate solutions that comply with the labor legislation and mitigate labor risks, as well as audits and survey of labor contingencies in corporate transactions.

     In the same sphere, the practice counts on a experienced team to assist its clients in trade union and collective bargaining negotiations, elaboration of agreements, and collective agreements.

     In the litigation sphere, the team manages an extensive portfolio of different labor law demands related to several economic activities, and represents its clients in collective lawsuits in the administrative and judicial spheres and fiscal and investigation procedures.

Direito Trabalhista
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