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Democracia e Governo representativo no Brasil

Jurists must focus on the definition and guarantee of compliance of arrangements that allow the result of election campaigns cannot be anticipated or captured by given political groups or factions. With the purpose of demonstrating this statement, the work available to the readers deals in depth with the refinement of the concept of democracy, observing that this concept has been unduly used both by direct and indirect supporters of neoconstitucionalism and the main theorists that criticize the current constitutional jurisdiction. By understanding democracy as the uncertainty of the electoral results and the relevant role played by the principle of distinction between the representatives and those represented in representative democracy, this book discusses the main electoral reforms in Brazil, revisiting them in light of the impact caused in respect to the balance of forces in electoral campaigns. Finally, after discussing the different Brazilian electoral architectures over the centuries, the author presents a new agenda of thinking regarding democracy, with the forecast of a new phase in the Brazilian democratic regime for the future, in which the election axis unbalance shall move from TV to the Internet.

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